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Low energy levels can be challenging to restore and balance out for those not familiar with how to do so. Incorporating healing techniques in your everyday life is essential and something everyone can do themselves. You do not have to be a master of the spiritual arts to hone in on these techniques. Here are a few simple ways you can ground yourself, begin to heal, and bring your energy levels back to normal.

Take a Step Back and Connect with the World Around You

There is a universal flow of energy all around us. From the electricity emitted by man-made structures to the beaming rays of light from the sun, any individual can tap into these sources of energy at any given moment. Take a step back and focus on what it is that makes electricity work: the cords rooted underneath us that manifest within our homes and offices.

Try to envision a cord (like the roots of a tree) that extend from within you connecting you to the earth’s core and harnessing its energy. Take deep breaths and imagine sipping this energy up the cords or root into your body. Feel this energy flowing through your veins much like the electricity flowing through the roots of trees underground. Focus on individual parts of your body, starting from your feet, to your abdomen, then to your heart, throat, and head. Embrace this newfound surge within you and feel the connection to the planet itself.

Know Your Auric Body

Negative energy and an off-balance feeling can be caused by people, places, or your surrounding environment. This also directly affects your auric body. This is your magnetic makeup and how the specific vibrations of these particles translate to different types of personalities and colors. Your aura is most vibrant when you are full of energy. Much like a lightbulb, it is at its darkest when you are feeling drained or full of negative energy.

A few ways to strengthen your auric body include yoga, eating more yellow and sweet foods (i.e. bananas, pineapple, peaches, etc.), wearing white clothing, and drinking plenty of water. Also pay attention to the space between your skin and the edge of your auric field (about an arms length away). Of course, meditation is a great way to get in tune with yourself and understand what it is that might specifically be diminishing your glow.

Pinpoint the Pain

Where do you frequently harbor emotional pain in your body? After a few deep breaths, try to find the source of it and start sending your breath to that area. Why are you feeling this pain and what are your initial thoughts when you feel it? What is your body trying to tell you?

Envision this pain as a moveable entity within you, and try to push it out of your body. Imagine that entity then disappearing into space and remember what caused it in the first place. Only by knowing the root cause and ways to prevent that from happening again can you truly begin to heal.