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When was the last time you took an objective look at the people in your inner circle to assess how well you align with them, energetically, mentally, and spiritually? 

There is an old adage that you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with in your life. It’s even said that your income will be directly related to the incomes of those in your inner circle.

We are tribal by nature. Our basic pack animal instincts allow us to template those in our pack to allow for better teamwork increasing our chances of survival. We can template each other by tuning into each other’s vibration. This is how flocks of birds and schools of fish can magically move as one distinct unit. This also means that we can pick up on each other’s negative or positive habits and behaviors. If your chosen tribe tends to be driven by fearful thoughts and behaviors, it is quite likely that you will too. On the other hand if those you surround yourself with are driven by loving thoughts and behaviors, it’s also likely that you will be blessed with more love and less drama.

The quality of people we invest our time with has an incredibly strong influence on the life we lead and the happiness and success we experience. Toxic people can poison every aspect of life. This is why it is vital to surround yourself with genuinely good people who share the same values and worldview that you have. The following are just a few benefits of doing so.

Maintain Confidence

When you associate with negative people, you are likely to hear a constant stream of complaints and excuses. Those complaints can eventually be directed at you, tearing down your confidence and belittling your aspirations. When you choose genuinely caring individuals you can expect to have relationships that are supportive, which includes recognition, acknowledgement, consideration, reciprocity, and respect, along with a strong support system.

Gain Resources

Goodhearted people are never envious of their friends or associates. If they obtain new knowledge or resources, for example, they are not afraid to share this information with their peers. By associating yourself with the generous type, you can increase the amount of resources around you, whether those are informational or emotional. People should not be selfish with opportunities that could potentially help a friend.


Complacency is common among those who do not have allies to help push them forward. Without support, personal growth and progress may begin to dwindle. Being around people who are interested in their growth assists you in your own self-development. Having people you can count on to hold you accountable is essential for continued growth. Plus you get to skip the negative people who apply social pressure to take part in activities that are counterproductive to your physical, mental, or emotional well-being.

Elevate Standards

People tend to become stagnant when they are not stimulated enough. This can lead to becoming used to underachieving. Surrounding yourself with encouraging people helps elevate one’s standards and could expand horizons that someone may have never thought to explore. Choose to be around people who you respect and admire and whose influence will be positive.

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