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Burnout is defined as extreme exhaustion caused by overworking. While productivity is essential for success with any business or job maintenance, there comes a time where breaks are absolutely necessary. People must remember that they are not machines despite how determined or focused they may be. Although many people would like more hours added onto their day, one day only consists of 24 hours and time management can only go so far. Therefore, it’s important for individuals not to spread themselves too thin. Burnout can negatively affect the quality of work on the job and the quality of everything that you do. It can also negatively impact one’s mental, emotional and physical health as well as something many people may not realize is their love life; the following being just a few examples of how.

Lack of our most precious commodity (Energy)

Exhausting yourself with your workload is never good. Career burnout leaves people chronically depleted, making it difficult to spend quality time with¬† loved ones. When one or both partners are lacking energy, they aren’t able to be fully present and to do the things they’d normally do for leisure and for connection with one another.

Frustration and Fatigue

When people experience career burnout, they are likely not getting enough sleep, which quickly leads to frustration and fatigue. This fatigue applies to one’s physical and mental health. The added tension can directly affect one’s level of patience and receptivity. As a result, career burnout can also lead to more arguments within a relationship and more misunderstandings.

Lack of Confidence or Inadequacy

When people aren’t accomplishing all they feel that they feel they should, they may be a bit too hard on themselves. This can reflect on one’s confidence, as they don’t feel they’re being as productive or efficient with their time. In addition to feeling inadequate, some people take these perceptions of themselves into their relationships. This can cause a partner to be withdrawn and not as open in terms of communication. Isolation may not be far behind, and it is a pitfall to be avoided.

Withdrawn and Distracted

A partner can become withdrawn in a relationship because they are distracted by the work they have yet to finish. Even though they have already left the office, their mind is still pondering over the work they must finish. Therefore, that person never really mentally left the workplace. This can result in that individual being emotionally unavailable to their partner. This can also negatively affect one’s intimacy. The other partner will begin to feel ignored, dismissed, or insignificant when they aren’t receiving the attention they deserve.

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