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Ever wonder why you keep doing the same behaviors that keep you stuck in a bad relationship, an unfulfilling job, or an unhealthy lifestyle? Maybe you have tried to change your life in the past only to find you are facing the same problems all over again a few months or years on. There’s a good reason people continually find themselves tripping up over the same scenarios in life: we have formed unconscious habits around how we use and direct our attention.


As children, we learn a lot from the adults we spend the most time with, typically our parents and our teachers. Along with how to treat and speak to others, we also inherit our energetic habits of attention from our interactions with them.


A lot of the time these interactions aren’t positive or affirming, which means the habits adopted to survive these interactions aren’t positive either. These unconscious habits of attention guide the choice of our subconscious and create our emotional states of being. The programming we receive as children is rarely the best programming for us as adults. To remedy this, you must undo the energetic conditioning acquired during childhood.


Our brains gain new neuro associations and patterns of thought regularly. This means we’re able to rewire neural connections by training our brain. When a habit is broken, you can introduce a new habit. Replacing your negative programming with the truth that you were created in the image of perfection will help you to develop habits associated with being present, grounded and centered.


To undo your energetic conditioning, you need to upgrade your system, similar to the way a computer operates. Refreshing your system allows you to function at a higher level. When you are functioning at a higher level, you’re able to process energy and information more efficiently which creates more joy and fulfillment in your life.


One powerful technique that can help direct your thoughts and intentions is developing a mission statement for yourself. Why were you put on this earth? What unique gifts do you have to share with others? How can you be of service?  Answer to these questions can get you started on the road to creating a strong mission statement.


Take some time to write your mission statement down. If you’re having trouble thinking of something, set a timer for three minutes and see what comes out during that time. Your statement doesn’t have to be perfect; as you live and speak it daily, it will further develop yourself. Even an imperfect mission will help guide you towards being the person you want to be. It’s about practice not perfection.


Once your mission statement is developed, recite it to yourself daily. Multiple times a day is even better. And using it when you feel stressed or are exerting yourself physically (while running, working out) is the very best. Training yourself to put your attention on your mission will help you begin to undo your current energetic conditioning by replacing your old habits with new ones that serve you better.


Noticing how you consciously and unconsciously use the power of your attention is a key aspect of successfully making a change in your life. If you want to learn more about how to successfully and powerfully direct your habits of attention, you can study with Tj in private, small group, and retreat settings. Call 855-836-8665 and set up an appointment to learn more.