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Visualization is a powerful tool that can be used to help you obtain any goal you can imagine. Before you can do anything with great success, you must first picture yourself engaging with and succeeding in the task. Because energy follows thought, the areas where we put our attention grow, therefore, putting our attention towards the things we want means those areas will flourish.


Vividly picturing yourself doing a task is also referred to as mental rehearsal. This tool is often used by athletes to help them succeed in their sport. Before a game or match, an athlete will picture themselves playing and winning. The key to achieving what you want through visualizations is making them as detailed and vivid as possible. Go through every step of what you want. For an athlete, think about the pep talk you receive in the locker room before the game starts. Picture yourself walking onto the field, or court, or track. Visualize yourself playing through an entire game, and not just the moment when you win. Practicing the game in your head will help you to feel more prepared mentally and your body to be physically warmed up as well.


Visualization is one of four ways that we move energy. With energy, you can either allow it to be stuck or move on its own, or you can help influence how it moves through the four keys. The four keys are breath, movement, sound and visualization.


If you’re new to the practice of visualization, here are three ways to help you get started creating the future of your dreams.


Be in love with what you want

In order for visualization to be effective, you have to truly love and desire the thing you’re visualizing, Because your emotions are the driving force, you need to be sure that the passion is there before visualizing will be effective.


Make your image as detailed as possible

If your goal is to manifest the partner of your dreams, simply picturing you holding hands with someone will not be enough to be successful. Think of how you want your partner to act, how you want them to treat you, what you want them to look like. Get as many details as possible into your visualization to make them as effective as possible. If your vision isn’t fully realized, there’s no way for it to come true.


Use affirmations to support your visualizations

An affirmation is a statement that reinforces your visualization. It is something you speak into existence. If your visualization is for the perfect life partner, your affirmation might be “I am in a happy relationship with the woman of my dreams. She loves and respects me and our relationship is without faults.”


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